Det sker oplevelser for hele familien i 2016


Right now

The Museum is closed - and will be open again for Christmas The 3th of December


Christmast Traditions - history comes alive 
The  3-4th / 10-11th / 17-18th of December   

se alle oplevelserne paa hjerl hede 2016


Experience Eastertime, Stoneage days and days with LEGO 


Experience the old potatoeholiday


Experience our great event with Living history time 


Experience and event wit the old Christmas traditions of Denmark  

Bole barn - Built in 1777 Barn from Als Farmstead from Vinkel - Built in 1530. The farm is the oldest in Jutland The water mill - From middle of 1850 Stone age settlement - It is a recreation from year 2800 before Christ The blacksmith’s shop - Built in the middle of 1700 The village inn - The inn was built about 1750 Kvostedgården - It is a typical moor farm fro Kvosted near by Viborg The postmill - The postmill came to Hjerl Hede in 1931. The mill is from Frøslev The pump house The village school - The school from Hinge ( by Silkeborg) was built in 1823. Farmstead fra west Jutland - It is a typical farmstead from 1700 The vicarage - The oldest part of the building is from 1661. The church - Is a reconstruction from a Romanesque, which was built in 1100. The forestgard’s house - Built in the end of 1800. Steam sawmill - Is pulled by a old lokomobile from England from 1911 Steam train - Take a trip on the steam train and see a part of the plantation of Hjerl Hede. Museum of peat production - Here you can look at the peat production The gamekeeper’s house - The restaurant at Hjerl Hede. The farmhourse was built in 1800 Bakery - The building from 1882 The ropewalk - This buildings shows how to make rope The artisan’s house - The house from Vinderup was built in 1908 The cottage from Mjesing - The house was built in 1770 Cooper’s workshop - Built in 1879 The dairy - The dairy from Mandø was built in 1897 The grocer’s shop - Built in the beginning of 1800 The Sorring barn - Built in 1840 The Holstebro House - Year of construction is unknown Practical information Practical information Practical information Practical information Practical information Practical information Practical information Download the map
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