Goods and Myths 

In charming West Jutland lie the Holstebro region's museums of culture and history; an association consisting of the Strandingsmuseum St. George (Shipwreck museum), the Holstebro Museum, and the Hjerl Hede Open-Air Museum. You will find the three museums on your way through the West Jutland landscapes if you follow the ‘Gods & Myths’ trail. Starting at the church in Hjerl Hede, we have picked out ten localities where man's eternal quest for higher powers is manifested in magnificent buildings, church art, and landscape monuments which have left their mark in the area to this day.


'Gods & Myths' guides you to unique locations from the fascinating history of Central Jutland. Across the open West Jutland landscapes, from Central Jutland's wooded Søhøjland ’Lake District’ to the nose of Djursland, there are mystery-enshrouded and extraordinary stories to tell. Take a cultural trip across the landscape. Explore history at the locations where it took place; feel the power of mighty runic stones, large dolmens and passage graves; see hidden church treasures; or learn the meaning of the traces of war and worship in the peat bogs of the Iron Age.


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