Accommodation near the Museum


Best Western Hotel, Gl. Skivehus
Gl. Skivehus was converted from an old vassal’s seat that dates back to the 14th century. 
Read more at or contact the hotel at tel.+45 9752 1144.


Grand Hotel Struer
If you are spending the weekend at the Grand Hotel in Struer, you will get a discount on your entry fee to the
Open-Air Museum Hjerl Hede. Read more about the Grand Hotel in Struer at 
or contact the hotel at tel.+45 9785 0400


Hotel Vinderup
This Hotel is close to Hjerl Hede, only 7 km. away, in the middle of Vinderup. Tel. +45 9744 1366

Pinenhus Hotel & Restaurant Tel.+45 97731899

Borbjerg Mølle Kro 
Africa in Jutland. T this is a different way to enjoy Denmark, a historical place with love and personality, 
for everybody. Enjoy your stay in one of the 27 different rooms. Walk around, eat and relax, only 14 km. away 

from Hjerl Hede. tel.+45 97461010

Sevel Kro
This is the local village inn, only 3 km. from Hjerl Hede. Enjoy the beautiful old historical village inn near the Sevel Church and the grocery store. 
Explore the big heath area by Flyndersø, the longest heath-lake in Denmark, also around Hjerl Hede. Tel.+45 97448011


Camping sites:

Holiday homes
If you want to rent a cottage near the Open-Air Museum Hjerl Hede, you may read more at: