Fun for Children


Hjerl Hede offers lots of fun and exciting activities for children during the summer holidays,
when the museum is brought to life.

The old school

Buy a school package at the visitors’ centre and experience what it was like to going to school
in the old days. The school package costs 40 Dkr and contains an ABC book and a slate pencil.

When you arrive at the school, the teacher will be waiting outside. Before class can begin,
you must put on a scarf or cap - and clogs, of course. Then all the school children form two
lines and enter the classroom. Here you will be taught Bible stories, arithmetic, reading and
writing. Beware - the teacher may be a little stern! During the break you will play old games.

Historical playroom
Play with history in the old vicarage, which is laid out with a cowshed, a corridor and a living
room with a child-sized kitchen. You can dress up, cook at the small wood-burning stove and
serve the food at the refectory table. You can even have a nap in the alcove. You can also play
old games in the historical playroom.

Next to the historical playroom there is an activity room, where you can try your hand at chores
from the old days. Among other things, you can card wool and spin yarn.

Historical playground
Walk on stilts or ride a penny farthing (old-fashioned bike), pull the chickens down or challenge
your family to a game of throwing boots. There are loads of old and fun playthings from your
great-grandfather’s days on the historical playground.

The Stone Age settlement

Help the Stone Age people grind corn into flour or make your own Stone Age trinkets out of shells.