Take a keepsake home


In the nice museum shop you can buy arts and crafts, home textiles and much more.


The museum shop at Hjerl Hede lies in the visitors’ centre. The nostalgia of the heath also
dominates the shop, where you can find lots of nice items, such as:

• Books

• Natural body care products

• Glass art

• Arts and crafts

• Home textiles

• Yarn

• Pottery

• Cooperage

• Clogs

• Trinkets 


Old-fashioned toys 

Also available in the museum shop are a number of old-fashioned toys for children and playful adults. You will
be almost guaranteed to find something you haven’t seen before or something you remember from your childhood years.

Sweet and savoury 

On the shelves in the museum shop you will also find old-fashioned boiled sweets, liquorice and rock sugar.
You can also buy Danish honey, delicious jams, strong, old-fashioned mustard, Hjerl Hede schnapps, mead
and “DIY schnapps”.

Take a piece of history home with you

Also available in the shop are goods produced from some of the materials used in the old days. For instance,
you may find goods out of cow’s horn, bog-wood and wood, as well as reed shoes, wicker baskets, yarn and
various history books.

Do You have questations about some goods - you can always write to: ubn@hjerlhede.dk